Sunday, July 20, 2008

Story or Entertainment

An animated feature film need not have a good story to be successful. It need only entertain. Often they entertain through topical humour which has a short shelf life.

If the film is a good and well crafted story it will entertain and have a far more enduring life.

A good story well told is more difficult than any other aspect of writing or film making.

Success through entertainment is a comfort zone that most major studios appear reluctant to leave.


Adam Gard said...
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Adam Gard said...

Wayne...just watched your AM lecture on Force...pure gold. I like to see you have started a blog too! Keep it up. I like the posts about story. Still have a little way to go before the short film classes, but I'm sure your insight will prove invaulable.

Adam K. Gard

Victor Luo said...

Hi, Wayne, your book of planning for animation has been unavailable for some month on Would you please tell me when will it come back? Thanks.

Best Rgrds


Rodney said...

I know you keep busy but... Hope you have time to post more Wayne.

I absolutely love your studyguide "Simplified Drawing for Planning Animation"

More please!

abbott black said...

hey! i found your blog... interesting. oh yes. it's abigail. your niece

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