Saturday, May 11, 2013

New iBook and Novel

Very happy to announce that Simplified Drawing for Planning Animation is now an iBook. It has been updated with new pages, drawings and exercises as well as movie files of animation examples from the planning notes. The folks at Animation Mentor prompted me to hurry up and finish the iBook version - thank you.

The book is 94 pages - the iBook store lists it as 47 pages, which is misleading because they are double pages all packed with information to strengthen shorthand drawing skills for animation, illustration, cartooning, comics and graphic novels.

The hard copy book will be shipped with new artwork and links to the video sample will be on this blog.




Also on the ebook shelves in all formats is 'Tooza', a fantasy adventure novel that began years back as a screenplay for an animated feature film. The film is still the goal. The story was converted to a novel to further develop the characters and worlds, making pre-production easier. Anamie Entertainment Ltd. has a production budget thanks to Gary Goldman of Sullivan Bluth fame. We have a CG model of Tooza for test animation thanks to Ghaydaa Saleem and Frank Spalteholz.

My short film 'Let Go' was created to set early stage art direction thanks to Randy Gaul and many friends at ILM. Most of the characters have been designed - and will evolve during pre-production.

Early character designs

Tooza is tricked into stealing a flat marble and his little sister is kidnapped, held in an invisible prison, a valley of sinister beings and unlikely allies. The only way to save her is to sacrifice himself to The Forest of the Living Hanged. 

Sounds dark but there are crazy characters like Madeera the sorceress, Puxim a very unique and mixed up person and Beene who becomes Tooza's sidekick. It's a scary fun adventure for young readers but meant for everyone who needs to learn - 'If you know it's wrong, don't do it.'

 The second story for the character Tooza is underway.

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The story sounds so profound and dynamic.

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